Technology innovation

Technology-Key Innovative Technologies

For years, G&G represents good product and good service in the industry. As a creator of global branded consumables, G&G has been providing the premium quality and service to worldwide consumers for more than 16 years. Focusing on its brand and world-leading technology enables G&G to be the first to launch new high quality products to the market.

In the development of technology innovation and patent protection, G&G pays great attention and increase investment to technology developing and patent year by year. In the meantime, G&G actively responds to various challenges and difficulties. G&G commits itself to on satisfying the requirement of consumers and promoting the healthy development with other manufacturers in the industry.

  • 2002
    The first company in the industry developed encryption chip for compatible ink cartridges, and lay the foundation for the sustainable development of compatible ink cartridges industry.
  • 2003
    Invented micro-pressure valve ink supply technology, solving the environmental pollution problems that caused by the residual ink in the abandoned ink cartridge .
  • 2005
    The first company in the world to release patented reusable printer adapter installed with an auto-reset chip .
  • 2008
    Exclusive launch of Unismart system which made great contribution to the aftermarket.
  • 2009
    Developed laser electrostatic imaging technology which make the transfer rate ups to 95% and it’s called the most advanced environmental laser printing technology.
  • 2014
    The first company in the world to develop dongle gear technology and apply in toner cartridges products.

Key technology footprint – Laser

  • 2006.02
    Brother universal TN5 &6 series; preferred worldwide due to its wide compatibility with over 10 SKUs of OEM
  • 2007.07
    First-to-market and only provider for patent Canon E40
  • 2008.10
    First-to-market Easy Refill series
  • 2009.06
    CLP300 solution made the company the only one available after OEM warning Letters
  • 2009.07
    Successfully break through OEM patent y barrier – Brother counting gear technology
  • 2010.01
    Break through Brother Urging Force patent, create solid base for company Brother patent platform
  • 2010.10
    First-to-market non-twisted gear solution
  • 2012.06
    The only attainable solution on Samsung 406/409/4072/116 Chip Holder
  • 2013.09
    The only available patent solution worldwide on Lexmark MS/MX series
  • 2014
    First-to-market solution on dongle gear since 2010; Upgrade with “Button” design in 2015, lead the market with 100% satisfaction of user’s experience
  • 2016
    - First-to-market solution to react HP White Paper case since 2012
    - Only and complete patent solution on color HP

Key technology footprint - Inkjet

  • 2007
    Epson “One-way valve” structure design; Patent safety and user-friendly; Create technology platform for company Epson category
  • 2008
    Bi-Prism detecting solution
  • 2008
    Eco Saver single ink-tank design; Patent safety and user-friendly
  • 2009
    Epson separate “holder & tank” structure;
    Flexible, good user experience
  • 2010
    Brother mechanical lever design realize ink detecting;
    Create technology platform for company Brother category
  • 2011
    Canon “constant pressure” structure; Patent safety
    Create technology platform for company Canon category
  • 2012
    First-to-market solution by overcome OEM chip lighting barrier, enter worldwide high end market
  • 2013
    HP950 structure patent; equivalent to OEM on pressure resistance and performance with wide acceptance globally;
  • 2014
    Epson crosswise single-line chip solution overcome OE chip technology barrier
  • 2015
    Brother type “V” chip patent solution, success to break through OEM patent and enter Europe high end market
  • 2016
    Internal pressure control technology made a big breakthrough on Canon business ink product to meet high end clients’ requirements


G&G respects Intellectual Property owned by third parties as always and also will reinforce the innovation of self-developed technology and protection of its own Intellectual Property. Ninestar has successfully applied over 1500 patents and became one of manufacturers who own the most patents in compatible consumables industry. In addition, Ninestar has gained over eight thousand of patent authorizations for use in compatible consumables and over ten thousand of patent authorizations for use in laser printers.

Management-R&D Team:

G&G pursues excellence at every single stage of production, from raw material purchasing, R&D, quality administration, fast delivery to standardized production process. Our strong R&D team has over 500 engineers dedicated to product development. We have three national- level laboratories, and work in partnership with world class academies and research institutes for the purpose to stay at the edge of technological development and satisfy your different needs.

Management-Legal Team:

G&G Legal team have Comprehensive knowledge on the patent, familiar with the characteristic of the industrial patent and rich experience to design around. They have synthetic ability to deal with patent dispute with OEMs, build a good communication mechanism with OEMs.

G&G also establishes good relationships with other famous legal partners in the world. These legal partners provide us professional service in application for patents and lawsuits, which give our distributors and consumers a strong support and security.


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