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Large and Medium Enterprise



Large and medium enterprise uses have a large amount and various demands of printing. Except for daily office documents printing, they needs to do personalized printing in different print papers. Based on the consideration of enterprises’ operation cost, this kinds of customers wants high-quality printings with low cost. G&G large-capacity toner cartridges and its high-end Everbrite ink cartridges can meet the demands of customers.  

Application Range:

Office documents, products package printing, production and so on. 


Independent innovation technology with Humanized design that perfect match to printers

Thick black, vibrant colors, professional printing performance. 

High-end Everbrite Ink Cartridge, sharp, clear and fluent printing experience.  

Successfully Case:

A large enterprise with 7 branches that produces and sales instant noodles in Northern China. It has a large amount of printing demand and has been purchasing expensive OEM products for years. G&G found a solution for this enterprise according to its printing requirements. G&G X Series large-capacity toner cartridges replace OEM toner cartridges. At the beginning, the customer just had a small quantity purchased. After month’s using, they found that G&G products owns excellent printing performance and cost-effective. Since then, they purchased G&G in a large quantity. Now this enterprise has become one of G&G’s loyal customers. 


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