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Office Users



Office users include SOHO groups, small enterprise and other customers who only needs small amount of printing and pays more attention on cost-effective products. G&G “Easy Adding” series toners cartridges are very affordable because toners can be repeatedly added to them and satisfy customers printing demands.

Application Range:

Office documents and other normal office printing.


Pioneering “Easy Adding” technology is simple and convenient for customers to operate.Toners can be repeatedly added to cartridges which is cost-effective and greenly.Satisfy customers’ demands as soon as possible by providing quality and personalized products.Procuring imported quality materials and components with strong resistance.

Successful Case:

A business company in Zhuhai needs to print files for important negotiations. However, as a new company, operation costs were considered firstly. The customer wanted to find quality products with good price. After comparison and deification, the customer finally chose G&G NT-2612T toner cartridges. The clear and exquisite printing performance of NT-2612T really surprised the customer and more than 50% printing cost will be saved comparable to similar companies that use OEM products.


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