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Government and institutions users need to print important documents during daily works. That means they have a strict requirement on colors, water-proof, light resistance, storability and stable quality. Moreover, they also pay attention to products’ innovation and environmental benefits. G&G Color Series Toner Cartridges and G&G high-end Everbrite Series Ink Cartridges totally satisfy demands of customers.

Application Range:

Official documents, profiles, materials and other documents printing.


Sharp and clear printing with accurate colors

Independent innovation technology that comparable to OEM 

Nice storability and water proof; Images never fade. 

Strict quality control to ensure stable products quality. 

Eco-friendly and cost-effective that save printing costs.

Successful Case:

A local taxation bureau with about 30 branches totally owns more than 650 sets of laser printers. Daily printing work is very large. For years they had been purchasing expensive OEM products and gradually it caused a massive spending. In order to build an economized government, this taxation bureau started to think about decreasing the daily printing cost. G&G quality products with reasonable price solved their trouble effectively. Governments and institutions like this local taxation bureau have known little about compatible printing consumables and worried about the service and quality. For reassuring their fear and doubt, G&G offered free samples to them and tracked usages. After two months’ trial and communication, G&G products were highly recognized by this local taxation bureau. The customer thought that printing accuracy, color saturation, stability and safety can meet the requirements. Finally, G&G brand products were designated as its printing consumables by this local taxation bureau. 


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